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Mushroom and Oat Veggie Burgers

Mushroom and Oat Veggie Burgers, Vegan and Gluten Free

Oat flour is truly a godsend.  It’s such an easy and affordable gluten free flour and I love that I can grind it at home!  Even better, it’s binding power is truly incredible. It makes vegan “burgers” and “meatballs” an absolute breeze to make.  It just needs to sit for 10 minutes after the boiling […]

Healthy Enchilada Casserole

Healthy Enchilada Casserole. Vegan, Gluten Free, Oil Free.

I grew up loving enchiladas so much.  My mom grew up close to the California-Mexico border, and because of that, I grew up eating lots of Mexican food.  Enchiladas have always been our Christmas Eve meal, and they are definitely one of my favorite foods. In the past year I’ve started loving casseroles.  I’ve seen […]

Vegan “Meatballs” with Mushrooms and Oats

Delicious vegan and gluten free meatballs made with mushrooms and oat flour. Perfect for pasta or in a sub! #veggielexi #veganrecipes #glutenfreerecipes #veganmeatballs - by Veggie Lexi

I’ve become obsessed with freshly ground oat flour lately.  It’s the perfect gluten free flour substitute in so many situations.  It’s affordable, easy to grind at home in a blender, and binds incredibly well.  I started thinking that it could make wonderful “meatballs” and veggie burgers because it holds together so well.  I’m beyond thrilled […]

Best Ever Gluten Free Pizza Dough

The best ever gluten free and vegan pizza dough! Chewy, stretchy, delicious, and perfectly crispy. #veggielexi #veganrecipes #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreepizza #pizzadough - by Veggie Lexi

When my husband had to switch to a gluten free diet, pizza night was the thing we missed the most.  Thankfully, with a little trial and error, pizza night was quickly saved with this recipe. It’s so good, he swears he even prefers the flavor over wheat based dough.  It’s chewy, stretchy, crispy, and oh […]

Best Ever Peanut Butter Cookies

The best ever peanut butter cookies! Made in a small batch with oat flour. They're gluten free and vegan and completely delicious! - by Veggie Lexi

Cookies are such a weakness of mine, they really are.  That’s why I love making small batch cookies. I get to enjoy all of the good parts (freshly baked cookies still warm from the oven) without any of the bad parts (lots of leftover cookies laying around that I will inevitably eat).  These cookies are […]


Delicious vegan and gluten free skillet cornbread! Just a little sweet and a lot savory. #veggielexi #veganrecipes #glutenfreerecipes #cornbread - by Veggie Lexi

Cornbread is definitely a happy memory food for me.  Maybe it’s because I went to college in the South. It’s delicious, quick, filling, and makes me all kinds of happy.   I love having a slice of cornbread with beans, fresh salsa, and a little lime juice for a simple and delicious dinner.  I also […]

Healthy Loaded Nachos

Healthy Vegan Loaded Nachos with Homemade Lime Tortilla Chips, Black Beans, Tofu Taco Crumble, Onion, Tomato, Jalapeno, Nacho Cheese Sauce, Cilantro, Avocado, and Pepperoncini. Oil Free and Gluten Free - by Veggie Lexi

My ultimate dinner is loads of chips topped with loads more of good stuff.  This healthy loaded nachos recipe definitely fits that. So insanely delicious, these are the best nachos I’ve ever had.  Your tastebuds will never believe that they’re healthy, promise. A huge part of what makes these nachos so much healthier are the […]

Oil Free Tortilla Chips

Oil free tortilla chips with lime juice and salt on a baking sheet.

Tortilla chips have always been a staple in our house, they are definitely our chip of choice.  When we’re feeling lazy, we’ll simply toast some corn tortillas in the toaster and tear them up to make sorta kinda tortilla chips.  When we’re in the mood to really fill the tortilla chip craving in a totally […]

Spaghetti Cups

Vegan and Gluten Free Spaghetti Cups with Oat and Walnut Balls or "Meatballs" - by Veggie Lexi

These little spaghetti cups make the perfect game day snack!  They’re also perfect for kids (or anyone that loves to eat with their hands).  They’re fun, tasty, and magically hold together without all the cheese that the traditional recipes call for!  I honestly wasn’t sure that this recipe would work when I decided to make […]

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Dog Treats, Vegan and Gluten Free - by Veggie Lexi

I love cooking and baking for my loved ones, and that includes all the furry friends I have in my life!  It’s so fun to make these dog treats, mostly because of how much their cute puppy eyes light up when I do.  They love these delicious treats, and I love knowing that there’s no […]