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Easy Breakfast Burritos

Easy vegan and gluten free breakfast burritos with scrambled tofu, salsa, avocado, and black beans. - by Veggie Lexi

I grew up on burritos.  They always have been, and always will be, one of my absolute favorite foods.  I always looked forward to the weekends because it meant breakfast burrito time.  These breakfast burritos are incredibly simple, but are still unbelievably delicious.   Have you tried this recipe?  What did you think of it? […]

Ultimate Creamy PB&J Oatmeal

The Ultimate Creamy Oatmeal. Made with Soy Milk, Old Fashioned Oats, and Bananas. Topped with Peanut Butter and Jam. - by Veggie Lexi

Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect, epic, ultimate, creamy oatmeal?  There’s a few things that matter. 1) Choose the right oats. I prefer using Old Fashioned Oats because they retain their texture and don’t turn to mush, and they’re still quick to cook.  2) Cook it in some sort of plant based […]

Gingerbread Pancakes

Vegan and Gluten Free Gingerbread Pancakes

I am obsessed with these pancakes.  They are so aromatic, delicious, and absolutely perfect for the holidays or a special weekend brunch.  Better yet, make a batch ahead of time and store it in the fridge or freezer. Heat it up on a weekday morning for a truly special breakfast before your day starts.  I […]

Pink Overnight Oats

Pink Overnight Oats with Raspberries, Strawberries, Chocolate Chips, and Coconut Flakes

I love eating pretty food, vibrant food, colorful food.  I can’t help it. I think it’s because it just feels good to eat the rainbow.  I know that, for me, colorful food is just more fun and more satisfying than white or tan food.  Knowing that, I love making myself these pink overnight oats. I […]

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

Mashed Sweet Potato with Coconut Clusters, Raw Cacao Nibs, and Sliced Plum

This isn’t so much of a recipe, as it is an idea.  It’s so simple that I struggle to call it a recipe.  It’s the perfect Fall or Winter breakfast to fill you up with delicious whole food on a chilly morning.  The toppings are completely interchangeable with your toppings of choice. I commonly add […]

Healthy Oil Free Basic Granola

Oil Free Gluten Free Vegan Granola with Pecans and Strawberries

I love homemade granola!  It’s one of my favorite foods.  It’s such an easy, affordable, and delicious breakfast.  It’s super versatile and can be adapted to include all of your favorite ingredients.  I kept this recipe basic to include only the necessities. I love to add more things depending on what I have on hand. […]

Blueberry Waffles

Oil Free and Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles with Strawberry Sauce, Blueberries, and Strawberries

Waffles that are light, fluffy, and crispy – not to mention vegan, gluten free, and oil free.  These are my most favorite vegan brunch. I especially love serving them with scrambled tofu. The combination definitely brings back some happy childhood memories.  These waffles are so light because they’re oil free. They’re incredibly delicious and satisfying […]