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Spaghetti Cups

Vegan and Gluten Free Spaghetti Cups with Oat and Walnut Balls or "Meatballs" - by Veggie Lexi

These little spaghetti cups make the perfect game day snack!  They’re also perfect for kids (or anyone that loves to eat with their hands).  They’re fun, tasty, and magically hold together without all the cheese that the traditional recipes call for!  I honestly wasn’t sure that this recipe would work when I decided to make […]

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Dog Treats, Vegan and Gluten Free - by Veggie Lexi

I love cooking and baking for my loved ones, and that includes all the furry friends I have in my life!  It’s so fun to make these dog treats, mostly because of how much their cute puppy eyes light up when I do.  They love these delicious treats, and I love knowing that there’s no […]

Almond Butter Icing

Decadent vegan and gluten free almond butter icing that's just sweet enough. Completely creamy, savory, and delicious. -by Veggie Lexi

This recipe came about one day when I was craving peanut butter icing on a chocolate cake (I guess I was in the mood for a chocolate peanut butter cup).  I checked and there was no peanut butter to be found anywhere in the house. Plus, we were staying in the country, it was nighttime, […]

Easy Five Minute Enchilada Sauce

Whip up this easy, delicious, and healthy enchilada sauce to make an epic dinner! Packed with flavor, easy, and oh so healthy. #veggielexi #veganrecipes #glutenfreerecipes #enchiladas #enchiladasauce

Have you ever had homemade enchilada sauce?  Oh my goodness, if you haven’t, your tastebuds will be thrilled when you try this.  Once you have homemade enchilada sauce, you’ll never be able to go back to canned sauce (trust me, I’ve tried, and it’s impossible). This sauce is so easy, and comes together in a […]

Simple Cucumber Salad

Delicious, light, and refreshing. This simple vegan and gluten free cucumber salad makes the perfect Spring or Summer side dish. #veggielexi #veganrecipes #salad #vegansalad - by Veggie Lexi

This salad is one of my favorite combinations: looks fancy, but is actually super easy, and is completely delicious.  Whenever I stumble across that combination, it automatically becomes a staple dish in my house. I love having something I can whip together in a flash to elevate a meal I’m preparing, and this dish definitely […]

Spicy Sweet Potato Lentil Slow Cooker Soup

Delicious spicy sweet potato and red lentil soup! Vegan, gluten free, and made in the slow cooker. Even better, it's refined sugar free and uses the natural sweetness from frozen pineapple to balance out the heat from the chili paste. #veggielexi #slowcookerrecipes #veganrecipes #vegansoup #glutenfreerecipes - by Veggie Lexi

I love using my crockpot on busy days so that I don’t have to worry about making dinner later.  Since I’m using it to make life easier, I definitely prefer recipes that don’t require any sauteing before putting everything into the slow cooker to cook.  That’s what I love about this recipe. It’s delicious, filling, […]

Leftover Broccoli Stem Salad

This delicious salad is the perfect way to use up leftover broccoli stems! No need to throw them away when they make a wonderful salad. - by Veggie Lexi

Did you know that broccoli stems have the same delicious flavor as the florets?  It’s actually my favorite part of the vegetable. I always used to munch on the stems while cooking when I was using the florets in a recipe. It dawned on me that since they’re so yummy, and since I love being […]

Low Fat Alfredo Sauce

Fettuccine with healthy vegan Alfredo (oil free, nut free, and gluten free Alredo). Served with broccoli and red bell pepper.

Low-fat Alfredo sauce that’s delicious, easy, and quick!?  Oh my gosh, yes, please! I’m so thrilled with this recipe.  It’s definitely one of those recipes that allows me to eat a meal that feels decadent, but is actually healthy for me.  That is what I call a win.   This sauce is perfect and oh […]

Vegan Cookie Dough Energy Balls

Delicious cookie dough energy balls make the perfect vegan and gluten free snack! #veggielexi #veganrecipes #glutenfreerecipes #energybites #energyballs - by Veggie Lexi

My Edible Cookie Dough is one of my favorite recipes, and has been so popular that I decided to make one designed for the road to fuel my energy.  These energy balls are perfect for that. No more hangry moments when I’m out and about.  One of these fills me up quickly and leaves me […]

Gingerbread Pancakes

Vegan and Gluten Free Gingerbread Pancakes

I am obsessed with these pancakes.  They are so aromatic, delicious, and absolutely perfect for the holidays or a special weekend brunch.  Better yet, make a batch ahead of time and store it in the fridge or freezer. Heat it up on a weekday morning for a truly special breakfast before your day starts.  I […]